We have dozens of textures, hundreds of carpet styles and thousands of colors. Carpet is a warm, comfortable floor covering that insulates the floor and is sound absorbing. Due to technological innovations, carpet has become softer, tougher, longer lasting, and more stain resistant with proper care.

Stainmaster is the most recognizable name in carpet and Independent Flooring is the only "Premiere Stainmaster Gallery" store in the area. See the many styles and colors as well, which feature the Stainmaster Warranty. Also available is Stainmaster carpet cushion. This cushion contains spills so that once it’s cleaned, it stays clean. And if you have pets, Stainmaster Viscobond Plus actually eats the odor-producing enzyme in urine so your carpet smells clean too! Use the Stainmaster Pad with Stainmaster Carpet and extend all of the carpet’s warranties by three years. Experience the touch of the “Tactesse” fiber. One of the softest carpet fibers ever made. An incredible pair: Stainmaster Carpet and Stainmaster Cushion.

Tom on Carpet

Carpet Care

Most residential carpet doesn't actually wear out. Instead, it loses its original appearance and luster long before its fibers begin to wear down. Just how long your carpet will look good depends on a number of factors, including carpet construction, household traffic patterns, exposure to soiling and stains and, of course, maintenance.

Your new carpets best friend is your vacuum cleaner. You should vacuum on a daily basis, especially the traffic areas. A thorough vacuum cleaning consists of going over the areas 5 to 7 times to allow the vacuum to get as much dirt out as possible. The vacuums with a beater bar will remove the dirt better than those without.

Professional cleaning is recommended every 18 to 24 months. We have the recommended cleaning products on hand to keep your carpets looking like new.

Taking care of spills, oil and grease, gum and other problems is covered in your carpet warranty/care information. Each type of carpet protection may call for a different procedure for cleaning up a particular problem. Check the Care Booklet or contact us for consultation.