We have hundreds of types to choose from:

Pre-finished products. If you want a quick and easy way to enjoy a wood floor than this is the floor you are looking for. Pre-finished wood floors can be used immediately after installation. A clear, low sheen, durable and scratch resistant Aluminum Oxide finish will keep your wood floor beautiful for years to come.

Un-finished product.If you are looking for a custom match to accent the interior of your home, many finishes are available in different sheens. We can install and finish your floor on site to perfectly match your needs. Some hardwood flooring is one piece of wood all through. Other types are called "Engineered" and have a layer of hardwood bonded to a backing. Some wood floors are nailed down. Others float. Talk with us to discover which wood floor is right for you. Refinishing Hardwood Floors is One of Our Specialties

Traditional hardwood floor sanding is typically an extremely dusty process-a dust-storm in your home, lingering dust in your air-ducts, and a cleanup headache that feels like it will never end. Independent Floor features BonaKemi Atomic Dust Containment Systems, which virtually eliminate the dust leaving you a cleaner and healthier home. BonaKemi's elegant waterborne finishes are extremely durable, environmentally responsible, and have no toxic fumes so you and your pets don't have to move out of your house during refinishing. Call today to learn more about the Atomic DCS difference!!

Tom on Hardwood

Hardwood Care

Wood and Water don't mix. Any liquid spills must be removed and the surface left clean and dry. Liquid will cause wood to swell over a period of time no matter what the finish may be. Never use water to clean or mop a wood floor. The use of products such as Oil Soap or Mop and Glo will damage the flooring and void the manufacturer's warrantee. Use only the factory recommended care products.

Keep the humidity in your home between 35% and 45% year round. An air conditioner in the summer will remove humidity and a humidifier in the winter will prevent the floor from becoming too dry.

Avoid sharp objects. Although the flooring is sealed and covered with a tough surface, it can be damaged. Spike heels create a great amount of pressure per square inch and can cause damage. Glides under all chair and table legs as well as under any furniture is a must.

Tracking in dirt will eventually abrade the surface of any wood floor. The surface will become dull in traffic areas if not kept clean. The use of entry rugs will help greatly to remove grit from shoes.

Each manufacturer of Hardwood Flooring has recommendations on how to take care of their particular product. Those recommendations should be followed. This will usually require the use of the manufactures special maintenance products and is a small price to pay for the longevity of your Hardwood Floor.

Consult the warranty/care brochure you receive with you flooring for special products and procedures or contact us with an inquiry.