This is perhaps the most exciting choices available in flooring.

A dynamic range of colors, textures, sizes and shapes for you to experience. Choose a smooth surface or ornate textured style. The rough and tumbled marble or the texture of the natural stone. Polished to a glassy smoothness or rough and porous. From country home to exotic Mexican. Porcelain, Marble, Granite and Ceramic in incredible colors and textures. The shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns available push the range of the imagination.

There are numerous floor and wall tiles available for you to create your own design or if you like, we have design specialists that can assist you.

Now for the best part for any tile flooring, we can provide "Sun Touch", a marvelous heating system that will keep your feet toasty.

Tom on Tile

Ceramic Tile Care

Washing your floor with a mild detergent and water is best. The tile and grout can be sealed but is not mandatory.

If heavy duty cleaning is necessary, be sure to follow the manufacturers recommendations. Each type of floor tile may require specific treatment and products. There are many dedicated maintenance products available and should be used.

Consult the warranty/care brochure that came with your particular flooring or call us with your problem.