Hundreds of patterns and choices are available to mix or match with your decor. Tile patterns so close to the real thing it can fool even the trained eye. Easy to clean, all are no wax. This type of hard surface is excellent for wet areas or where spills frequently occur. This flooring is tough, quiet and comfortable under foot. Most are gouge, rip and tear resistant. Properly taken care of, this type of flooring will last a long time. Come in and see the new products.

Tom on Vinyl

Vinyl Care

The best care for any flooring product is first, preventative care.

Daily sweeping or dust mopping to remove any sand or dirt that may have been tracked in will help your floor retain its shine.

Clean your floor with the manufacturers recommended floor care products. Other products can leave a residue that can cause future problems and may void the manufacturer warrantee.

Flooring protectors are available for your table and chairs. Felt protectors should be changed every 3 to 4 months. Plastic protectors should be cleaned every time you sweep or dust your floor. Dirt can embed in the protectors and scratch your floor.

It is possible that rubber backed throw rugs may turn your new vinyl flooring yellow. A durrie rug or a cotton throw rug are useable. Much of the Armstrong Vinyl now is guaranteed against this staining.

Entrance mats with 100% latex backing will help stop the dirt migration. Using a latex driveway sealer will help prevent tracking in asphalt stains.

Most vinyl manufacturers have maintenance products for their particular flooring. Check your warranty/care information you received with your flooring or consult with us.